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wrist bandmultiPASS-iD technology is the foundation for the world-class experiences that increase member satisfaction and improve retention in the club community.

Our solutions allow you to stay connected and in control whenever, and wherever you want. Coupled with your existing club management software, multiPASS-iD has the power to reduce operating costs and protect your club’s profits.
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RFiD Networked Club

Increase Revenue and Member Satisfaction

Our solutions start with member check-in. At the front desk or a 24 hour entry, our devices work with all credential technologies, and major club management software providers.

Don’t Replace What You Have

multiPASS-iD can refresh your look with new amenities while protecting your existing investments. Our technology helps operators grow secondary revenue streams through innovative applications and services such as cashless point of sale (POS), vending, lockers and more.

Our products work with the latest cardio tracking equipment and wellness technology including: Technogym Wellness System™ and Precore’s Preva® Networked Fitness applications.

Membership Software Integrated Door Control

Control Solutions

24 hour doors need reliable control systems that integrate with existing membership management software. We provide door control systems for exterior and interior doors using your existing check-in technology including barcode and proximity with available upgrade to full featured RFID networked fitness applications.

Connections Diagram

Connections Diagram

Credential Test Form

Return the Credential Test Form to us with two samples of your existing credentials for testing and a quotation to resolve your integrated door access needs.
Wireless Check-In 

Don’t Be Tied to a Check-In Desk

GANTNER’s Near Field Communication mobile check-in apps provide you with remote check-in and other essential functions anywhere your business takes you. GANTNER applications can be customized via HTML to display all necessary member data. Photo, membership type and status are just the beginning.

Contact your Membership Management Software provider to check your system compatibility.
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Locker Management Systems

Keyless Convenience

Set your locker room apart with keyless locker control. Locker room solutions provide security for your members without the hassle of keys, forgotten codes, multiple locker use and the other costly deficiencies of traditional mechanical locking solutions.

Offline GAT Lock - Retrofit Applications

GAT ECO.Side Lock - 10 year battery life with alarm feature

GAT NET.Lock Online with real-time status and central administration

Our locker solutions are available standalone or integrated within your member management system.
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multiPASS-iD Access Control IntegrationsGantner Networked Club Operations Brochure

Case Studies

Rochester Athletic Club Midtown Athletic Club Project Report - CSI Software Integration HIT Norway Project Report - Precore Preva Networked Fitness




Midtown Athletic Club: Weston, Florida

Midtown Athletic Club set up networked access check-in stations at the main service counters along with two entry turnstile lanes to ensure that active members are properly credited for each visit. The check-in process is required for the member’s data carrier to operate a locker during their visit.

Midtown retrofitted 350 lockers with Gantner’s battery powered locks, eliminating issues with problematic keypad locks and forgotten codes. Nine point of sale interfaces sped up transactions and enabled members to enjoy all the services of the club in a cashless environment.

Massimo Policastro, General Manager

Membership Software Integrated Door Control

These are some clubs who found their 24 hour doors were not providing their members the convenience and reliability they needed.

We’ve helped these clubs and many others provide their members consistent, reliable and secure door controls that are seamlessly integrated with membership and payment status.

Contact your Membership Management Software provider to check your system compatibility.

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