GANTNER Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of smart card system solutions. GANTNER products are designed especially for the requirements of the global leisure industry (water parks, pools, fitness clubs, spas). GANTNER creates an environment that enables check-in, lockers, vending and point of sale to all operate with a single RFID data carrier; card, wristband, or key tag. GANTNER's high quality and elegant design enhances any guest interaction. The system's operational flexibility, fast return on investment and ability to leverage existing investments in member management and ticketing solutions is second to none.

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Membership Clubs


Access Control

Whether speeding up check-in interactions or adding another layer of security to 24 hour entry operations, Gantner has integrated solutions to help you increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Additional data collected can provide insights to support marketing with thorough statistical review of operations.

Locking Systems

Keys are a thing of the past. The future is clever and belongs to electronic locking systems. With a chip integrated into a bracelet or a card, it is easy to open or close all kinds of lockers and strongboxes. It does not matter whether you have opted for battery-operated or cabled locks: your staff, guests, and clients will benefit greatly from the advantages of an electronic system.

Cashless Payment

The GAT system allows you to relax because money is securely locked away in the lockers and cashless payment is used for all food and drink in the club. Peace of mind and effortless. Billing takes place easily and securely at the end of the stay or by a monthly invoice. The chip is also an uncomplicated and secure means of payment. It positively influences the spending behavior of visitors, studies show increases in spending by up to 40%.

Gantner Networked

Leading networked equipment, club management software and Gantner are integrated to work together perfectly. These products provide a single, convenient data carrier in the form of wristband, keytag, equipment key or card for login and performance tracking features. Adding simplicity and convenience for your members helps them attain their goals.  



Gantner Networked Club Operations Brochure   multiPASS-iD Access Control Integrations   Midtown Athletic Club Project Report - CSI Software Integration    HIT Norway Project Report - Precore Preva Networked Fitness
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Water, Amusement and Attraction Parks


Gate Entry Access Terminal

GANTNER's newest dual-technology terminal provides fast and accurate entry for RFID season passes and home printed barcode tickets in the same lane. This newest terminal integrates with major ticket software solutions with fast multi-colored status bar, custom alpha-numeric multi-language display and direct input/output control of associated gates or barriers.

NFC Mobile Application

GANTNER's newest innovation is an app for mobile devices that leverage's the NFC (Near Field Communications) interface to provide remote admission check and other applications anywhere you need it through an NFC enabled mobile phone. No need to be tied physically to a ticket booth or turnstile. The application can be customized via HTML to display data any necessary data. Display of season pass holder photo, ticket type and locker location are just the beginning.

Cashless Point of Sale

The GANTNER system allows visitors to relax because money is securely locked away in a locker and cashless payment is used for all food, drink and souvenier while in the park. The chip is also an uncomplicated and secure means of payment. It positively influences the spending behavior of visitors, studies show increases in spending by up to 30% for multiple day visitors and season pass holders.

Electronic Locker Locks

Most operations today are cumbersome with old mechanical keys and escalating repair costs. Some operators have attempted revenue share models and report their poor service experiences, lack of operational visibility and loss of valuable marketing data. International standards driven multi-use RFiD bands enable locker use and other additional revenue opportunities to include services like Action Bracelet and Q from accesso.

Networked Locker System

Provide your guests the best value in locker systems with GAT Relaxx networked locker system. Your guest's rental is for a locker for use throughout the day. With a GANTNER system, the guest can move throughout the park, relocating their belongs alongside themselves as they migrate. You get higher utilization rates because now your lockers can be distributed throughout the park without the added expense of POS rental kiosks at each location. In addition to displaying the current locking statuses of the lockers (occupancy display) and the break-in monitoring (alarm display), it is also possible to control individual lockers remotely.
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Locker Management Systems

Membership Club Locker Management

Set your locker room apart with keyless locker room control. Locker room solutions help you provide security for your members belongings without the hassle of forgotten codes, multiple locker use and other costly deficiencies with traditional mechanical locking solutions.


Offline GAT Lock - Retrofit Applications


GAT ECO.Side Lock - 10 year battery life with alarm feature


Water, Amusement & Attraction Park Locker Management

Most operations today are cumbersome with old mechanical keys and escalating repair costs. Some operators have attempted revenue share models, most experience poor service, operational visibility and the loss of valuable marketing data. multiPASS-iD's solutions enable most existing ticketing software systems to get more add-on sales through convenience and ease of operations, sometimes as much as 30% more.


GAT NET.Lock Online with real-time status and central administration

Locker solutions are available standalone or integrated within your member management system.
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Data Carrier Products

GAT 20 Series Data Carriers

GAT Chip Band 20

As a leader in the RFiD space around the world, Gantner continually seeks to improve not only functionality and performance but also styling, convenience and comfort. The newest Chipband Series 20 bands are available now in a full variety of colors and sizes, with or without print customizations. These bands improve reading performance and comfort over the prior series 10 bands, while maintaining the highest standard of medical grade silicon construction to avoid any skin irritation for the user.
Full Color Custom Printing

GAT Chip Card

Extend your brand and image with our custom credentials. Not only can you customize the colors and content, we also work with you on the shape and type as well. With our reliable, top quality, NXP original certified MiFare credentials you and your members experience consistent and reliable operations. Options include full 2 sided, 4 color, edge-to-edge, offset and silk screen printing.
RFiD wellness keys

Enable Wellness and Networked Fitness Keys

Speed, accuracy and convenience are paramount to managing the ever growing collection of data metrics available to today's users to help monitor their goal progress and achievement. As a founding RFiD development organization, Gantner has assisted other equipment and services manufacturers around the world to provide the highest caliber of reliable integrated operation.
GAT Writer, Coding Software and Points

Enable Other Existing Data Carriers

Gantner's products are built to work with and leverage international standards based technologies. This allows the range of products and services to continue to adapt to the latest innovations and best practices to provide unforeseen value down the road. Who thought NFC technology would have emerged when the original battery powered lock was introduced 7 years ago? Coding license points are another great example of Gantner ensuring that your investment today is safe and open to future applications that we don't foresee now.

Access and Check-In Products

GAT Mobile.connect

GAT Mobile Connect

For greater mobility GAT Mobile.Connect provides a fully configurable framework for NFC enabled devices. It provides multiple functionality – check-in/admission, information, and/or POS functions.

This breakthrough innovation allows users, operators and software providers to leverage their existing investments in GANTNER enabled environments with an ever expanding range of functions and applications.
GAT Access 6600

GAT Access 6600

Our newest multiple technology ticket/access terminal with integrated dual readers encompasses both high frequency 13.56 MHz and barcode technologies in a single, cost effective solution. The easy to see multi-colored user guidance bar atop the customizable LCD multi-language display helps operator's staff efficiently administer multiple access lanes simultaneously.
Guests quickly check-in using any of today's most common technologies, including 1D or 2D printed barcodes as well as QR code on a mobile display or the and NFC compatible device (membership card, wristband or NFC mobile) all with the same terminal, eliminating the need for technology specific lanes associated with print-at-home tickets vs season pass holders. The highly efficient reader sensors make presentation simple and fast. Direct integration with your ticketing/access solution provides the fastest processing for high throughput operations. These stylish terminals make entry operations an inviting and fun process for the staff and guests alike.
GAT Access 6100

GAT Access 6100

Clearly the most advanced terminal available today for guest check-in. The GAT Access 6100 features simple "plug and play" functionality for use within RFiD smart card applications with most of today's leading membership and ticketing software platforms. Starting with the easy to see multi-colored user guidance bar atop the customizable LCD multi-language display, users can quickly check-in and provide additional information through the 4 built-in programmable function keys. The highly efficient reader sensor makes data carrier presentation simple and fast. Gantner's consistent flashing blue sensor make use intuitive for your guests throughout the system.
GAT Access 6100 Bio

Dual Authentication with Fingerprint

When the optional biometric fingerprint sensor is added to the GAT Access 6100 you now have full verification that the person carrying the data carrier is indeed the person it was issued to. With Gantner's biometric data on card option, membership swapping and passing is eliminated. The powerful GAT Access 6100 series controller can check all guests or spot check based on group assignment, time of day, random selection and other criteria as determined by the ticketing or member management software. This feature creates no additional data interface burden, the entire biometric feature is encompassed within the Gantner products themselves.
SLA 300 Antenna

Remote Antenna

Not all applications are alike, the GAT SLA 300 Antenna allows the check-in and/or access feature to be extended out into the elements. This device is used for exterior parking, door and other applications that are exposed directly to the harsh environmental elements. The device carries the same multi-colored user guidance bar and flashing blue sensor providing intuitive use for members and guests alike.
SA 750 Table Top Antenna

Remote Antenna

For indoor applications that require the very best asthetics the GAT SLA 750 Table Top Insert Antenna allows the check-in and/or access feature to be integrated within the furniture or turnstile appliance. This device is used when the surface needs to remain clear of obstruction, thus limiting any chance of physical damage due to passage with equipment and bags. The device carries the same multi-colored user guidance LEDs and flashing blue sensor providing intuitive use for members and guests alike.
GAT Access 6200

Access Controller

The GAT Access 6200 series controller provides the interface connections for the reader antennas shown above. Unlike the fully self contained GAT Access 6100, the 6200 series has multiple technoloy interface options for applications that require remote antennas, like the SLA 300 and SA 750 shown above, as well as barcode and 125 kHz proximity tags that are popular here in the United States. The GAT Access 6200 provides 4 relays and 4 inputs to provide a functionality for a wide variety of applications like turnstiles, car parks and many more.

Battery Powered Locking Systems
GAT Lock 6010

Battery Powered Lock

The GAT Lock 6010 series battery operated locker lock provides a convenient and secure electronic locking retrofit solution for any type of locker material (steel, wood, HPL, synthetic and even glass). Built for easy retrofit replacement of popular coin and card capture models, the user simply presses the button of the lock with the data carrier. As the locker is electronically locked, the button audibly clicks and remains in the depressed position to clearly indicate the locker is in use and unavailable for others. With selectable operating modes, the locker can be used in either free assignment or pre-assigned personal locker mode.
6010 Front Label with No

Front Locker Label

Standard and custom labels are available to provide branding while covering previous lock system preperations on existing doors. Labels are available in any size and a variety of materials with or without locker numbering as your application may require.
Management Tools - Basic Set

Basic Set Management Tools

The Basic Set is used locally on-site for the management and administration of the battery locking system. The kit includes the initial configuration software, PC interface programming cable, special programming keys for service, reset, battery and master key replacement. The kit is unique to the site location and also contains 3 master keys for use to lock and unlock all the locks in the system. Battery replacement requires a special tool as provided and detailed within the included operations and maintenance manual.

Online Centrally Managed Locking Systems
GAT Relaxx Software

GAT Relaxx Management Software

The GAT Relaxx Management Software is used for the visualization, monitoring and configuration of a networked locking system that utilizes the GAT NET.Lock. The software not only displays the current occupancy status of the lockers, locked, available, blocked and the alarm display console provides real-time alerting should a locker be forcably opened. Remote control of individual lockers or groups of lockers is also available from the software console.
GAT NET.Lock, bolt and label

Network Online Lock

Online locking solutions provide greater return on investment for applications over 500 lockers when new lockers are being installed. While they do increase the initial investment by about 20%, the increased functionality and management data available make them ideal for waterpark, amusement and other ticketed applications.
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multiPASS-iD Access Control Integrations   Gantner Networked Club Operations Brochure   Gantner Community Pools Operations Brochure


Case Studies

Midtown Athletic Club Project Report - CSI Software Integration    HIT Norway Project Report - Precore Preva Networked Fitness    Wet'n'Wild Sydney Project Report
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