Cut Costs and Expand Revenue with RFiD Ticketing

wrist bandMultiPASS-iD enables most existing ticketing systems to get up to 30% more sales through convenience and ease of operations.

Water attractions and amusement parks all need lockers. Most operations today are cumbersome with old mechanical keys that experience escalating repair costs. Operators that attempt revenue share models experience poor service, operational visibility and lose valuable marketing data. MultiPASS-iD leverages the one add-on sale that every park visitor needs, a locker. Our RFiD enabled locker solutions are helping reduce risk and increase revenue on properties around the world. Let us show you how we can help grow your revenue while reducing operating costs.
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RFID Park Experience
Times are changing, and guest expectations are constantly raising the bar. Every water, amusement and attraction park wants to provide the highest level of customer service, security and convenience for their guests.

Today there are proven models that show the return on investment for RFID beyond simple cashless payment solutions.

In years past, many have considered RFID wristbands to improve their operations, but couldn't overcome the initial cost compared to traditional disposable paper based barcodes or colored bands. No single operator can sell enough snow cones to pay for RFID wristbands. They must be part of a larger network of services that generate additional revenue and brand awareness.

RFID wristbands are becoming increasingly common in leading parks. They offer a full spectrum of services including:

Entry Ticketing


Secure Season Pass Holder ID


Cashless Payment




Queuing Systems


Social Media Interaction with Photo Capture

Today's innovative applications dovetail together to leverage a common device, reducing costs while improving customer experience with greater engagement and loyalty.

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Admissions and Access

Guest Entry Operations

Your guests’ experience starts with their entry into the facility. Our multiple technology terminals are easy for staff and guests to use while providing a highly visible display signal to help make that initial interaction fast and efficient.

Entry readers are available in several forms from handheld mobile enabled devices to biometric verification of season pass holders. We offer a wide variety to meet your specific needs.

GAT Mobile Connect

For greater mobility GAT Mobile.Connect provides a fully configurable framework for NFC enabled devices. It provides check-in/admission, information, and/or POS functions.

This breakthrough innovation allows users, operators and software providers to leverage their existing investments in GANTNER enabled environments with an ever expanding range of functions and applications.

GAT Access 6600

Our newest multiple technology ticket/access terminal with integrated dual readers encompasses both high frequency 13.56 MHz and barcode technologies in a single, cost effective solution.

The easy to see multi-colored user guidance bar atop the customizable LCD multi-language display helps staff efficiently administer multiple access lanes simultaneously.

Guests quickly check-in using any of today’s most common technologies, including 1D and 2D barcodes as well as mobile screen displayed QR codes or the mobile’s NFC element all with the same terminal, eliminating the need for technology specific lanes associated with print-at-home tickets vs. season pass holders.

The highly efficient sensors make presentation simple and fast. Direct integration with your ticketing/access solution provides the fastest processing for high throughput operations. These stylish terminals make entry operations an inviting and fun process for the staff and guests alike.

GAT Access 6500

The GAT Access 6500 terminal has multiple uses within the water and attraction park setting that leverage contactless RFID transactions such as express, Fast Lane or Fastpass type applications.

Through the customizable LCD multi-language display coupled with 4 built-in programmable function keys, users can quickly opt-in for upgrades and faster service. The highly efficient reader sensor makes data carrier presentation simple and fast. Gantner’s consistent flashing blue sensor make use intuitive for your guests throughout the system.

Dual Authentication with Fingerprint

When the optional biometric fingerprint sensor is added to the GAT Access 6100 you now have full verification that the person carrying the data carrier is indeed the person it was issued to.

With Gantner’s biometric data on card option, ticket, membership or season pass swapping is eliminated. The powerful GAT Access 6100 series controller can check all guests or spot check based on group assignment, time of day, random selection and other criteria as determined by the ticketing software.

This feature creates no additional data interface burden, the entire biometric feature is encompassed within the Gantner products themselves.

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