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Benefits of RFID Locker Locks

Keys are a thing of the past. The future is clever and belongs to RFID electronic locking systems. Our GANTNER locks can be securely used by simply presenting a data carrier (card, wristband, or key tag) to the lock's reader field. Choose an online networked or battery-operated system: your staff, guests, and clients will benefit greatly from the advantages of an electronic system.

Secure Lockers Protect Belongs Reduce Multiple Locker Usage Locker number look-up Audit usage and master key access Reduce maintenance expenses Maintenance warnings via signal LED audible alarm upon break-in flexible configuration usage statistics and tracking data


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Types of Locking Solutions Available


A wide range of methods to deal with securing guest's property have evolved over time. card, wristband, or key tag) to the lock's reader field. Each method has unique strengths and weaknesses. We help you find your balance and the correct fit.

traditional padlocks with hasps


Traditional Padlocks with Hasps


Sometimes a simple padlock is still adequate protection within your environment. It's easy to use ...

digital pinpads
retrofit RFID locks
eco friendly, 10 year battery locks
realtime, online, network locks

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electronic locks protect personal belongings

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Data Carriers
GAT 20 Series Data Carriers

GAT Chip Band 20

As a leader in the RFiD space around the world, Gantner continually seeks to improve not only functionality and performance but also styling, convenience and comfort. The newest Chipband Series 20 bands are available now in a full variety of colors and sizes, with or without print customizations. These bands improve reading performance and comfort over the prior series 10 bands, while maintaining the highest standard of medical grade silicon construction to avoid any skin irritation for the user.
Full Color Custom Printing

GAT Chip Card

Extend your brand and image with our custom credentials. Not only can you customize the colors and content, we also work with you on the shape and type as well. With our reliable, top quality, NXP original certified MiFare credentials you and your members experience consistent and reliable operations. Options include full 2 sided, 4 color, edge-to-edge, offset and silk screen printing.
RFiD wellness keys

Enable Wellness and Networked Fitness Keys

Speed, accuracy and convenience are paramount to managing the ever growing collection of data metrics available to today's users to help monitor their goal progress and achievement. As a founding RFiD development organization, Gantner has assisted other equipment and services manufacturers around the world to provide the highest caliber of reliable integrated operation.
GAT Writer, Coding Software and Points

Enable Other Existing Data Carriers

Gantner's products are built to work with and leverage international standards based technologies. This allows the range of products and services to continue to adapt to the latest innovations and best practices to provide unforeseen value down the road. Who thought NFC technology would have emerged when the original battery powered lock was introduced 7 years ago? Coding license points are another great example of Gantner ensuring that your investment today is safe and open to future applications that we don't foresee now.

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